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What is Timber Frame Construction?

At the heart of Timber Frame construction is the incorporation of pre-manufactured structural timber component panels assembled under stringent factory controlled conditions prior to delivery. All GTE™'s frames are uniquely assembled by experienced fabricators employing traditional hand built methods that your bespoke home deserves. The panel is constructed from:- A timber CLS Stud (Usually at 600mm centres), Top and Bottom Rails (CLS - Canadian Lumber Stock), Conditioned O.S.B. (OSB - Oriented Strand Board) is used to clad the timber framework - providing racking strength, the OSB clad face of the panel is finally clad with a moisture/breather membrane to keep the panel dry whilst still allowing it to breathe, At GTE™ this membrane is further fixed over the top of every stud position with high tensile plastic banding tape to identify easy and solid fixings for the positioning of Timber Frame wall ties for the external building finish. Standard panel widths are:- Internal - 38 x 63mm or 38 x 89mm & External - 38 x 89mm & 38 x 140mm, the factors determining these widths can be load, sound transfer, heat transfer, fire resistance and practicality.

All nails, staples and fixings are usually of a galvanised or equivalent finish.

These components when installed on site to GTE™'s construction layout plans ensure your project is completed easily, swiftly and without compromise.
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