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What are the advantages of Timber Frame?

All projects are as important to GTE™ as they are to you, our staff will provide you with inspiration and confidence to maintain project expectations and deadlines.

Timber frame can be built far quicker than traditional construction methods. A project can be erected, Felt & Battened to be weather proof, without the external finishes completed, still providing the ability to continue working inside in the dry - for internal first and second fix's.

With all the internal walls pre-manufactured in stud panels walls can be tacked and taped, thereby reducing the drying time of walls traditionally plastered. This brings forward the moving in date for a Timber Frame home over a brick & block home.

All wiring and plumbing services can usually be hidden within internal stud panels removing costly, unsightly and inconvenient wall tracks & conduits.

Timber Frame buildings offer higher thermal values than traditionally built homes, this combined with naturally warm timber promotes better heat insulation resulting in significant savings on fuel bills.

Should you be a small developer the Timber frame build programme offers a faster start to sale period thereby reducing credit requirements and hopefully increased profits!!

With reducing skilled personnel on site resource levels and increasing fuel costs it is the perfect time to build GTE™ Timber Frame.

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