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How do the costs for Timber Frame built homes compare with brick & block built homes?

Depending on who you are buying from both methods of construction are cheapest!!

We haven't come across a comprehensive independent report that accurately favours either of the methods, but offer our experience as follows:-

Materials for the Timber Frame built project are more expensive, but there are many more factors to be taken into account.

The reduced construction time which enables trades to work both internally and externally usually after 7-10 days from soleplate fixing allows either a quicker return on your investment or a earlier moving in date.

A Timber Frame project can be far more accurately costed, so there are no additional unpleasant project costs.

There are less call backs and on going annoying maintenance problems due to a drier construction process.

GTE™ take on the strain of translating your Architects drawings into our innovative construction and structurally approved designs.

The final product is of the highest structural & construction standard & better insulated with the satisfaction of over seeing the project yourself from conception to completion.

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