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Glue Laminated Wood (Glu-Lam) – Beautiful & Strong – Naturally!!

Wood is an environmentally-friendly product. A plentiful raw material that is ‘manufactured’ by nature on an ongoing basis using only natural processes! Given its natural properties, wood is ideally suited for structural construction applications. It breathes, radiates warmth, generates character and creates a natural ambience.

Laminated wood is created by gluing several uniform layers of wood in the direction of the wood’s fibre. Before wood can be laminated, it has to be categorised on the basis of its natural imperfections then given a strength rating. In addition, the moisture content of the wood is verified. Only once these checks have been carried out are the strips of wood prepared for lamination.

Flexibility to create almost any shape.

Given the flexibility of individual strips of wood, we are able to create just about any shape. The strips of wood are pressed together under high and constant pressure in a hydraulic press. The result is a very strong and highly durable product.



Why use Glu-Lam?

  • Large spans can easily be bridged using a straight or arched frame.
  • Glu-lam is a natural product; it’s environmentally friendly and is very energy efficient when being produced in comparison to concrete & steel.
  • Glu-lam offers excellent fire protection properties. When exposed to fire, glu-lam carbonises on the outside, creating an insulating layer. The burn-in depth of glu-lam is less than 20 millimetres for every 30 minutes of exposure.
  • Glu-lam is highly resistant to chemicals and will withstand comparatively high levels of humidity.
  • Following preservation and the addition of a quality finish, Glu-lam may also be used outside.
  • Two thirds the weight of steel and only one sixth the weight of concrete. Therefore lighter to transport and handle.
  • The lamination process offers versatility for many shapes & profiles not possible with solid timber or other materials.
  • Secondary fixings are simple with timber.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Attractive appearance & characteristics of natural wood.

Glu-lam is a versatile, technically-sophisticated material for use in buildings where very high standards are essential. It strength makes it especially suitable for bearing structures in buildings where long span widths are part of a beautiful architectural impression.


A strong feeling of space is typical of Glu-lam structures. They facilitate openness and airiness in the use of space and create opportunities to develop solutions that are close to people and equally enjoyable in residential and recreational buildings and industrial & warehouse architecture.


GTE™ are able to design & supply Glu-lam beams from stock and because we stock many standard sizes our nationwide delivery service is unequalled & our prices are very competitive.


GTE™ offer complete beams 13.5 metres long and special order 16 to 24 metres long. We also offer a P.E.T. (Precision End Trimmed – Cut to length) service cut to your requirements. See our stock sizes below.


Nationwide deliveries, No waste & No minimum quantity.



Straight Beams

Straight Beams

Straight Beams

Straight Beams

Straight Beams

Straight Beams


Circular Columns

65 x 225

90 x 225

115 x 225

140 x 225

160 x 225

180 x 360

90 x 90

100 Dia

65 x 270

90 x 270

115 x 270

140 x 270

160 x 315


100 x 100

125 Dia

65 x 315

90 x 315

115 x 315

140 x 315

160 x 360

200 x 360

115 x 115

150 Dia

65 x 360

90 x 405

115 x 360

140 x 360

160 x 405


140 x 140

170 Dia


90 x 450

115 x 405

140 x 405



160 x 160

190 Dia


90 x 495

115 x 450

140 x 450



200 x 200

200 Dia



115 x 495

140 x 495







115 x 630

140 x 630





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