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What are the benefits of a Metalweb joist system?

The open web system gives uninterrupted access for the passage of services.

The minimum joist width of 72mm provides a large and secure area for the fixing of flooring decking and ceiling plasterboards.
All depths are directly compatible & interchangeable with traditional solid joist sizes, so no need to worry about room or stair heights changing.

Designed & manufactured uniquely for each project or house so minimal on site wasteage.

Can be manufactured with ‘Trimmable Ends’ for on site bearing discrepancies.

Reduced shrinkage or swelling compared to solid timber joists.
Elimination or reduction of visible surface pipework/services.
Lightweight construction.

Installed faster than traditional joists & can save money for follow trades i.e. plumbers/electricians.

Can be top chord supported, built in or on hangers.

Greater clear span capabilities allow for a variety of internal room layouts.

Design freedom for both floor & roof structures in domestic, industrial & commercial applications.

For advice & more information on how a GTE™ metalweb joist design can assist in your building project please contact their design office.



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