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Recognition of Maintaining The Investors In People Standard

December 19, 2007

It was good to see Chris Holt again after some three years to see if GTE™ still met the requirements of the Investors In People Standard - And Chris was delighted to inform us that recognition is maintained as from the 19th December 2007.

His report stated that core values are at the heart of the organisation and ALL employees understand the aims of the company as set out in our mission statement.
Chris said " There is a belief in the vision and values of the organisation that these provide focus and direction. The strategy to achieve the organisation's aims relies on people at all levels understanding the contribution they make to the success of the business. There is a strong culture of consultation and involvement; this takes place through regular team meetings and monthly one to ones - People can openly and honestly express their opinions without fear of retribution".

The Directors of GTE™ were delighted with Chris's findings and will continue to improve the company for both customers & employees.

Article by Simon Baldwin

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